The Idea

Hi everyone! Welcome to bestgrillfinder.com
I’m Steven, a guy who loves grilling and one of the founders of this site.

Having a BBQ party with your beloved ones is a perfect way to spend your weekend, and because picking the right grill is the first step to enjoy a perfect BBQ.
That’s why me and my friend A.Omar started this site.

Our mission is to help you pick the right grill for your needs and your budget.

In every single guide on the site, I try to include the best one or two options for every need and different budgets for 4 main prizes, which are:
The best performance.
The best value for money.

The most durable (the longest to last).
The most affordable.

So basically, whatever your budget or need is, you’ll find a suitable option for you in the guide!

Guides Anatomy

I review the best grills available in the market, in 4 parts:

Key features and description:
Include all the information about the grill (heat capability -if it’s a gas grills guide-, price range , material, space, dimensions and weight, warranty, and other basic features.

A list of the grill advantages and what’s good about it.

A list of the grill disadvantages and what’s not so good about it.

The bottom line:
My final opinion about the grill, who should buy it and who shouldn’t. And how to makeup for the disadvantages if you decided that it’s suitable for you.

And then after the grills reviews you’ll find “The Conclusion”, which include the final thought and recommendations in “if you’re looking for.. – then my recommendation for you is..” way.


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Steven & A. Omar