What is the best 3 burner gas grill? The only guide you’ll ever need!

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Looking to choose the best 3 burner gas grill but confused because of the plenty of options in the market? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.
In this ULTIMATE guide, I’m gonna thoroughly review  7 of the best 3 burner gas grills out there and recommend you the winners of 4 different prizes. Which are:
The best performance.
The best value for money.
The most durable.
The most affordable.
And one more standing-out option to consider.
(click on any one of them to jump directly to it )

I would recommend reading the entire guide to understand how and why I made these recommendations. But If you’re in a hurry, you can jump directly to the conclusion from here. You’ll find the final answer’s lying there.

1- The best performance:

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 420 – cabinet

Here’s the winner of the big prize! It’s the best 3 burner gas grill performance-wise. Personally, I love the infrared system, and this is my favorite infrared one.
And It’s not new about Char-broil’s signature 420, it was the champion before in the best infrared grill battle, and here we go again.
Let’s take a look.

Key features and description:

Burners and heat capability:
3 stainless steel burners, producing 25,500 BTU’s of heat per hour.

Cooking space:
575 square inches of total cooking area (420 sq.in primary space + 155 sq.in warming rack).

Porcelain coated cast iron grates

443 stainless steel infrared plate, burners, and flavorizer bars
Stainless steel body finish (lid, doors, fascia, side shelves, and control panel).

Other features:
13,000 BTUs lidded side burner. Side shelves. Electronic ignition system. Built-in thermometer. Dual fuel. 2 doors stainless steel cabinet style. Sits on 4 casters.

Dimensions and weight:
Weighs 131.4 lbs. Measures 23.5-inches in length x 47.2-inches high x 51.1-inches wide.

5 years on the burners, 2 years on the lid and firebox, 1 year on all other parts.

Price range: $500 – $600.
Note: This is just a range of the price, you can check the updated price.


  • The infrared system advantages:
    – Heats up faster.
    – Cooks very evenly, with no hot/cold spots and no flareups.
    – Cooks directly, which means juicier and less dried out food.
    – Consumes less gas.
  • The porcelain coated cast iron grates give even better performance in terms of heat retention and distribution.
  • The ability to convert to natural gas and vise versa, with a special conversion kit that bought separately.
  • Durable stainless steel finish.
  • 443 stainless steel burners and infrared element: a high grade of stainless steel. 


  • As an infrared side effect: it needs to keep an eye on it because it gets hotter and can overcook the food if you don’t monitor it carefully.
  • A bit expensive price tag.

The bottom line:

If you have the budget, I would recommend you to buy it, it’s my favorite option, and I think it will be yours too if you’re looking for the best performance, just like me.
But if it’s exhausting to your budget then consider the next option, the best value for the money.



2- The best value for money:

Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450 – cart

This also has been featured on the best gas grills under 300 dollars battle as the 2nd best performance one, of course because it’s an infrared system one.
Let’s explore it further.

Key features and description:

Burners and heat capability:
3 stainless steel burners, capable of producing  24,000 BTU’s hourly.

Cooking space:
600 square inches of total cooking space divided into 450 sq.in primary + 150 sq.in warming rack).

Porcelain coated steel grates and body finish.
443 stainless steel burners and infrared plate.

Other features:
Side shelves.10,000 BTUs side burner. Electronic ignition system. Built-in temperature gauge. Open cart design with 2 wheels and 2 fixed legs.

Dimensions and weight:
Measures 54.1-inches wide x 45.5-inches high x 23.4-inches deep. Weighs 91 lbs.

The standard Char-broil’s warranty, 5 years for the burners, 2 years for the lid and firebox,  and1 year on all other parts.

Price range: $250 – $350.
Note: This is just a range of the price, check the updated price on Amazon.


  • The infrared system means high even cooking performance with no flare-ups and juicier results.
  • Larger cooking space: 600 sq.in total.
  • The side burner gives more cooking options, it’s like you have a small stove attached to the grill
  • Not a mess to clean.


  • Modest material.
  • A bit difficult to follow the assembly instructions.

The bottom line:

As I told you, this is the more value for less money, the infrared system makes up for the modest material so it will give you a good performance for a very good price.
And the worth mentioning is that there’s a second version from this grill with the exact same features but only with an enclosed cabinet design instead of this open cart one. You can check it from here.



3- The most durable:

a) Char-Broil Signature 425 

I have to say that I’m impressed with this grill’s durability. It’s gonna be your backyard best friend for many years in the future.
Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Key features and description:

Mostly stainless steel, (grates, lid, firebox, burners, flovorizer bars, cabinet doors, and control panel),

Burners and heat capability:
3 main burners produce 8,000 BTU’s each.
Lidded side burner produces 13,000 BTU’s per hour

590 sq.in total area (425 Primary and 165 warming rack)

Other features:
Electronic ignitions system. V-shaped firebox. Dual fuel. Removable grease tray. Built-in gauge in the lid. Side shelves. 2 doors enclosed cabinet style with 4 casters (2 of them are lockable).

The stainless burners have a ten-year warranty, the firebox, lid, cooking grates have a three-year warranty, and all other parts have a one year warranty.

Dimensions and weight:
Assembled measures 27.56 x 49.76 x 46.26 in. And weighs 120 lbs.

Price Range: $500 – $600.
Note: This is just a range of the price, you can check the updated price from here.


  • The main advantage is the pretty much full stainless steel constructions, which make it last longer and longer.
  • Easier to clean, this too because of the stainless steel material.
  • Large cabinet storage without looking messy.
  • Dual fuel: allows converting the grill back and forth from liquid propane to natural gas
  • Rotisserie installation compatible.
  • Charming looking.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Takes more time to put together.
  • Stainless steel grates side effect: perform a little worse than the porcelain cast iron. 

The bottom line:

I think it’s pretty obvious. If you’re looking to buy a grill and forget about it and don’t look back. Then it’s the one for you.
Or if you prefer a weber over a Char-broil you can check its weber alternative, The next one.



b) Weber Genesis II S-335 

This is the Weber alternative for the Char-broil’s Signature 425, they both are made mostly from stainless steel. and its 4 burner version is one of the best Weber gas grills list.
Let’s take a look!

Key features and description:

Mostly stainless steel, (The doors, control panel, side shelves, lid, grates, flavorizer bars, and burners)

Burners and heat capability:
39,000 total BTUs per hour from the main burners (13,000 each)
12,000 BTUs side burner and 9,000 BTUs sear station burner.

669  sq.in total area (513 Primary that can fit 20 burgers and 156 warming rack) 

Other features:
Side shelves with hooks to hang the tools. Electronic ignitions button. Removable grease pan. Enclosed storage cabinet with two 6-inches wheels and two locking wheels. Compatible with Weber’s igrills3 smartphone application. Has 2 versions, liquid propane tank with a fuel gauge and natural gas. Built-in thermometer in the lid.

10-year warranty on all components.

Dimensions and weight:
Measures 59 x 29 x 47 inches assembled. And weighs 140 pounds.

Price Range: $1000 Plus.
Note: This is just a range of the price, you can check the updated price from here.


  • Very durable because of the stainless steel parts which last longer and very easy to clean.
  • Compatible with iGrill3 smartphone system, which allows you to monitor the temperature on your smartphone (bought separately).
  • The 5 flavorizer bars over the 3 burners catch and vaporize more drippings.
  • 10 years warranty on all components.
  • Has 2 versions (Liquid propane and natural gas)
  • Rottesire compatible.
  • The enclosed cabinet design allows you to store more things without looking like a mess.
  • Looks pretty cool.


  • Very high price tag.
  • Time consuming assembly.
  • Stainless steel grates side effect: perform a little worse than the porcelain cast iron.


Noticed something? Yes exactly.
The Char-broil Signature 425 and the Weber Genesis II S-335 both are almost the same with some differences here and there.
But I’ve got you covered! I will compare them for you.

Char-broil Signature 425
Weber Genesis II S-335


I have to say that I’m excited to conduct this battle between two of the most durable and best 3 burner gas grills out there!
As we saw, they’re very similar and have the same core value, so how to choose?
To clear things up a little, I will list the extra features and differences for each one of them in a table. 

Char-broil Signature 425 Weber Genesis II S-335
Half of the weber’s price The main burners produce more heat
V-shaped firebox 10-year all components warranty
The side burner produces more heat liquid propane fuel gauge.
The dual fuel feature allows converting the grill between liquid propane to natural gas. larger cooking space (669 sq.in total)
iGrill3 smartphone system.
5 Flavorizer bars over 3 burners.

Clearly the Weber has more features than the Char-broil, but it will cost you 500 bucks more. And it’s up to you to decide whether these extra features in the table worth the extra 500 bucks or if it doesn’t make very much of a difference and you can live without them.

Buy the Char-broil Buy the Weber


4- The most affordable:

Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner

And here it comes to the most affordable one, as usual, one of the Char-broil classic family is the winner. like his brother classic 280 has won the same prize before on the best 2 burner gas grills list.
Let’s jump in quickly!

Key features and description:

Burners and heat capability:
3 main burners, producing an amount of 10,000 BTUs of heat per hour
8,000 BTUs capable side burner (has a version without a side burner) 

Porcelain steel grates, warming rack, flavorizer bars, firebox, and body finish. And stainless steel burners.

Cooking area:
530 square inches total space divided into 26-in wide X14-in deep primary space + 24-in wide x 7-in deep warming rack.

Dimensions and weight:
Weighs 48.5 pounds and measures 51.2-inches wide x 24.1-inches deep x 43.5-inches high. After assembly dimensions.

Additional features:
Side shelves. Cart design with two 6 inches wheels and fixed legs. Ignition button. 

The default Char-broil’s warranty, which is (5 years on the burners, 2 years on the lid and firebox, 1 year on all other parts).

Price range: LESS than $200 range
Note: This is just a range of the price, check the updated price from here.


  • Pretty affordable
  • Lightweight.
  • Doesn’t take much space, you can put it on the balcony.
  • Comes with 2 versions with and without a side burner.
  • Good looking.


  • The modest porcelain steel material gives the least acceptable performance.
  • Doesn’t have a temperature gauge in the lid or a war.
  • Some reports about facing difficulty during assembly despite its light size.

The bottom line:

Actually there’s no need for a bottom line.
It will be suitable for you if:
1- You don’t have much space to put a big one.
2- The price is your 1st priority.



5- To consider:

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane and Charcoal Hybrid

This is not a winner of a specific prize, it’s just one to consider because it gives you the ability and the freedom to cook using the gas burners or charcoal.

Key features and description:

Burners and heat:
Comes with 3 main burners producing 40,000 BTUs of total heat amount per hour. Lidded side burner producing 12,000 BTUs

it’s porcelain cast iron grates. Stainless steel burners. Porcelain steel warming rack and body finish.

Comes with 540 square inches of total cooking space. Divided to 25-in W x 17-in deep on the grates and 120 square inch warming rack.

Other features:
Removable charcoal tray. Electronic ignition button. Built-in temperature gauge in the lid. Fixed side shelves. Cart design with two 6-inches wheels and 2 fixed legs. Removable grease cup beneath the firebox.

Weight and dimension:
Measures 104 pounds and 24.6-in Depth  x 52.5-in Width x 47.5-in Height dimensions. 

The standard Char-broil’s warranty: 5 years on the burners – 2 years on the lid and firebox, 1 year on all other parts.

Price: $300 – $500
Note: This is just a range of the price, check the updated price.


  • The main one here is you can use it as a normal gas grill or a charcoal one.
  • Affordable than 2 separate grills.
  • The porcelain cast iron is the 2nd best material ever for the grates in terms of performance.
  • Easy and efficient lighting the charcoal up with the gas burners.
  • Reduces flare-ups.
  • Easy to put together. And to use as well.
  • Rotisserie attachment ability.


  • The charcoal tray rusts over time if you’re a heavy user. And you may need to replace it in the future.
  • The charcoal tray is closer to the grates, and it is NOT adjustable, so you can’t control the amount of heat while using the charcoal.

The bottom line:

The great thing about this girl is the plenty of choices it gives to you, gas, charcoal, rotisserie, it’s only short for an oven and it will be a full moving kitchen! But…

The side effect is that it won’t be perfect for all of the options, so it’s not for you if you’re a charcoal enthusiast. It won’t give the exact same result as a regular charcoal only grill, but it’s definitely acceptable. And you can get over the tray rusting thing by ordering another one from Char-broil’s from here.
But as a gas grill, it performs really well, and you may buy it and don’t use the charcoal option.



The conclusion:

If you’re looking for… Then I recommend..
The performance Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 420 – Cabinet
High value for less money Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 450 – Cart
Longest to last To read the battle between Char-Broil Signature 425 (V.S) Weber Genesis II S-335 f from here.
The most affordable with acceptable quality: Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner

AND If you may consider a 2×1 grill (gas and charcoal) you can check: Char-Broil Gas2Coal 3-Burner Liquid Propane And Charcoal Hybrid

If you like this guide leave a comment below, and you’re very welcome to read my other guides and reviews from here
See ya!